GCU to adopt hybrid style of face-to-face, online teaching from 15th

GCU to adopt hybrid style of face-to-face, online teaching from 15th

LAHORE: The Government College University Lahore will adopt the hybrid style of teaching for the Fall Semester 2020 which involves both face-to face and online teaching.

“We’re resuming classes from September 15; about fifty percent students in each class will attend lectures on-campus while the remaining students will be online at the same time,” said Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr Asghar Zaidi on Thursday.

In a direction issued to all the departmental chairpersons, Prof. Zaidi said they need to adopt this hybrid style of teaching till the complete eradication of COVID19. He directed that the teachers concerned should ensure social distancing within the classrooms while it would be mandatory for all students, staff and faculty to wear marks.

The Vice Chancellor explained that students with odd and even roll numbers would attend on-campus lectures on alternate days. He asked chairpersons to synchronise this strategy with the University’s general timetable to avoid any confusion.

Prof. Zaidi also advised that instead of one hour, each class should be of 90 minutes to reduce the number of visits of students to the campus.  “Thus, each three credit course will have two lectures per week of 90 minutes each,” he explained.

The VC called upon chairpersons to check and ensure the availability of fast internet connections in their respective departments to enable live streaming of lectures.  However, he said, overall Directorate of Information Technology were strengthening the internet connectivity at the University level.

Prof. Zaidi said “if required, chairperson can engage teachers on Saturdays for teaching purposes.”

He also asked chairpersons and promramme coordinators to ensure the uploading of course material and course handbooks according to the prescribed format on GCU-LMS.

جی سی یو نیورسٹی میں 15 ستمبر سے تما م کلا سز کا آغاز

گور نمنٹ کالج یونیورسٹی لاہورمیں 15 ستمبر بروزمنگل سے تمام کلا سوں کا آغاز،پچا س فیصد طلباء آن کیمپس جبکہ باقی آن لائن کلاسز لیں گے۔اس سلسلے میں وائس چانسلر پروفیسر ڈاکٹر اصغر زیدی نے تمام ڈیپا رٹمنٹ کے چیئر پرسن کو ایس او پیز پر عمل درآمد کو یقینی بنانے کے احکامات جا ری کر دیئے۔ان کا کہنا تھا کہ طلباء اسا تذہ اورسٹاف کیلئے ماسک پہننا لازم ہو گا۔تمام ڈیپا رٹمنٹ میں جراثیم کش سپرے کیا جائے گا اور طلباء کے درمیا ن منا سب فا صلہ رکھا جائے گا۔تمام ڈیپا رٹمنٹ کے چیئر پرسن کو بہترین انٹر نیٹ کی فراہمی کو یقینی بنانے کی بھی تلقین کی تاکہ آن لائن کلاسز کے دوران طلباء کو مشکلات پیش نہ آئیں۔جی سی یو لرننگ مینجمنٹ سسٹم میں کو رس میٹریل کی اپ لوڈنگ کو یقینی بنا یا جائے گا۔

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