Disease and Awareness Prevention Society

Disease and Awareness Prevention Society


Disease Awareness and Prevention Society organized the most informational symposium on “Diabetes and Life style awareness”. Ms. Sawera Ahmed (Stage secretary) started the event by inviting Ms. Maham Mansoor to recite verses of holy Quran. Afterwards, Miss Rida Tariq, Event manager of the society greeted worthy Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Hassan Amir Shah, honorable guest speakers Dr. Awais Masood, Dr. Sadaqat Ali and respected faculty members and participants.

Later on Dr. Awais Masood was invited on stage to give talk. Dr. Awais Msood a famous endocrinologist gave overview about diabetes. He revealed that when our pancreas failed to produce insulin the symptoms of diabetes appears .The symptoms of diabetes include increased thirst, increased hunger, dry mouth, frequent urination, sudden weight loss and blurred vision. We can avoid this epidemic disease by eating healthy food, having daily exercise, regular blood sugar test and by eluding stress. Asian countries are succumbing of this epidemic disease so prevention is the best solution to beat this disease.

The second speaker, Dr. Sadaqat Ali who is addiction psychiatrist, motivational speaker, author and TV celebrity exceeded the event in the most impressive way. Being healthy and fit is not a fad and trend, it’s a lifestyle. He said that exercise and healthy food is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We can’t live a healthy life with a negative mind. There is no victory without a battle. Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle .Stay away from evil thoughts and avoid too much stress.

Last but not the least Worthy Vice Chancellor Prof Dr. Hassan Amir Shah Amir Shah SI honored the event with his valuable thoughts and appreciated the efforts of society. At the end, Miss Sundas Rani thanked honorable guest speakers, worthy Vice Chancellor, advisor Dr. Naila Malkani and respected audiences.

At the end Dr. Naila Malkani advisor of DAAPS, Prof. Mirza Ather Baig and Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Hassan Amir Shah distributed souvenirs to our honorable guest speakers Dr. Awais Masood and Dr. Sadaqat Ali.




A seminar was held here at the Government College University Lahore to raise awareness among students about different stages and kinds of cancer and its prevention.  The one-day seminar was organised by the University’s Disease and Awareness Prevention Society in collaboration with the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (SKMCH&RC).

Addressing seminar, Muhammad Hanif Pitafi, the health advisor to chief minister, said that the Punjab government was making highest spending on health and education. He pledged door-to-door campaigns in all cities and villages of Punjab to raise awareness about prevention from the fatal diseases including hepatitis and cancer.

Prof Dr Muhammad Usman, the senior research scientist of SKMCH&RC, briefed students about epidemiology, risk factors and prevalence of some common cancers in Pakistan which included breast, oral and lung cancers. He enlightened the audience about the importance of early detection and preventive measures that should be adopted to avoid the cancer risk.

Dr Usman said every man and woman was at risk of developing cancer irrespective of class, creed or gender but the factor that put some people at greater risk was family histories of cancer, inappropriate diet and inactive lifestyle.

He advised students to exercise for 45 minutes daily, maintain a balanced diet full of antioxidants i.e. vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, green tea, and fish, and avoid smoking, drugs, alcohol consumption and hormone replacement therapies.

Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah said for healthy life they needed to adopt healthy lifestyle. He asked students to avoid junk and unhealthy foods from markets. He said GCU regularly held awareness seminars and lectures for raising awareness among its students about different diseases because they believed that prevention was the best cure.

Later, the Vice Chancellor presented shields and souvenirs to the speakers of the seminar.




Disease Awareness and Prevention Society organized a seminar on “Anxiety and Depression” in Physics Seminar Hall GC University, Lahore. Ms. Amina Illyas, the host for the event, welcomed the hounorable chief guest Dr. Riaz Ahmed, Dean of faculty of engineering and guest speaker, Mr. Mohsin Hashmi who is a motivational speaker. The event started with the recitation from holy quran. The general secretary of the society, Mr. Saif Allah Yaar extended the seminar with his welcome speech. He emphasized the importance of such seminars for relieving stress and anxiety in the society. Afterwards the guest speaker was invited for his lecture. Mr. Mohsin Hashmi through several activities told audiences about the factors leading to recognizing the stressed levels among people around us and how we should deal with such individuals. He highlighted that stress is a mental, physicl and behavorial response to anxiety producing events. At the end the speaker gave each participant a “Self stress inventory” to evaluate the stress level in them.

After that Ms. Eisha-tir-Razia, the vice president of the society gave concluding remarks by thanking the guest speaker and participants for their active contribution. The chief guest of the event Dr. Riaz Ahmed appreciated the efforts of the society for arranging such a fruitful seminar. At the end Dr. Riaz Ahmed, Dr. Atif Yaqub and Dr. Naila Malkani (Advisor) gave souvenirs to guest speakers.




Disease Awareness and Prevention Society, GC University, Lahore arranged a seminar on “Hepatitis Awareness and Prevention” in Physics Seminar Hall. The event was hosted by Ms. Eisha-tir-Razia (Vice President) and started with recitation of holy Quran by Ms. Maham Hameed. Mr. Saif Allah Yar, General Secretary of the Society extended a warm welcome note to the participants and guests. After that, the Guest speaker, Ms. Sara Ikram (Public Health Educationist, King Edward Medical University/ Mayo Hospital) delivered a lecture on Hepatitis awareness and its prevention. She talked about the prevalence, types, prevention and treatment of the disease. She focused on the causes of this disease common in the living areas and hospital borne risks. Then the society showed some videos regarding the hepatitis awareness and its prevention. At the end Sannan Ahmed Virk, President of the Society, concluded the ceremony with a formal vote of thanks. The souvenir was presented to the guest speaker by Dr. Naila Malkani, Advisor of the society and Dr. Muhammad Tahir, chairperson department of Zoology, GC University, Lahore.




The Government College University Lahore has launched the Disease Awareness and Prevention Society to raise awareness among their students about the healthy and active lifestyle.

The Society will host different seminars, lectures and awareness campaigns to brief the university students about the prevention from different diseases. The society will also train volunteers to work in their residential areas to raise awareness about the importance of daily exercise and healthy eating.

GCU, Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah chaired the inaugural ceremony of the society which was also addressed by KEMU Community Medicine Department Chairperson Dr  Saira Afzal and eminent novelist Prof Mirza Athar Baig. Dr Naila Malkani has been appointed as the first Advisor of the Society.

Later, the Vice Chancellor administered oath to the newly-elected office bearers of the Society.