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In recent years, the immense growth of numerous industries resulted in the instant need for young and vigorous IT professionals, who could utilize their skills internationally to support IT industry exports. The need for developing essential technologies remains, a new challenge for this century is knitting technology into the structure of society in supportive ways. Future scientific leaders and managers must not only understand how to program and mine for data, but also know when and how to apply a fastidious result to a fastidious problem.

The Department of Computer Science (DCS) is home to a vibrant and talented community of academics, researchers and students. Driven by research expertise and supported by excellent facilities, the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes help students to develop their academic abilities and the essential skills required for the workplace such as evidence-based analysis, decision-making, problem-solving and project management skills. Future employability and career success are supported by professional placement schemes at the department.

The Department of Computer Science, Government College University Lahore was established in 1999 as an independent Department in the postgraduate block of the GC University. At present, the Computer Science Department has 4 Computer Labs vis-à-vis postgraduate lab, main lab, general lab and ICS lab, and these labs comprising of more than 230 computers. The department offers 4 years BS (Hons) in Computer Science and 2 years MS in Computer Science degree programmes. The courses both at BS and MS degree programmes are selected through its Departmental Academic Committee and External Academic Committee keeping in view the modern computing needs both for software industry and academic research.

The Department runs and administrates a network unit which provides optical interconnectivity and internet facilities to the various departments of the Government College University. At present, the network unit possesses high end servers under 2 main projects of HEC namely Pakistan Education and Research Networks (PERN1 and PERN2), and various IT facilities are provided through these servers. Besides the regular teaching to BS (CS) and MS (CS) programmes the faculty of computer science is also engaged in teaching of computer related courses both at intermediate level (ICS) and BA/BSc (Honor) level offered by the university.

A new portfolio of Undergraduate courses has been designed to ensure that the students have the knowledge and abilities that they will need for their future careers. The BS programme of Computer Science is integral to the course portfolio, but students will be able to choose their final projects in different fields of IT, depending on their future career aspirations, in areas such as business, digital media, gaming platforms, software engineering and Wireless Networks. Postgraduate Programme Postgraduate Programme is academically demanding with value added course features. It offers a relevant content delivery to complete a professional placement during the dissertation module and also ensures the graduate meets the industry, corporate and public sectors expectations. Facilities The Department of Computer Science prides itself by offering excellent facilities to both students and staff. The Department of Computer Science is equipped with up-to-date computers, labs and multimedia projectors. The classrooms are fully air conditioned, with a well-stocked library and round the clock internet facilities, everyone will find everything to make everyone’s learning experience satisfying and enjoyable. number of computers are also available for student use and a number of wireless hotspots to enable students with laptops to access the campus network.

News & Events


The APTRONIX-TECH-18, a three-day programming, art and gaming extravaganza, Friday concluded at the Government College University Lahore under the auspices its Computers Sciences Department (CSD) and IEEE Student Branch. Over 450 students and professionals from various universities including Punjab University (PU), University of Sargodha, KEMU, UMT, NUML, and UCP took part at the APTRONIX-TECH-18 which included technical competitions of ‘Code Breaking’, ‘Android Development”  and ‘Catch the Bug’ and  social events such as ‘project exhibition’, ‘women of wisdom’ ‘minute to win it games’ and ‘scavenger hunt’. This year, the competition also includes special events for Electrical Engineering students such as ‘Speed Wiring’, and Circuit Designing, besides a workshop, motivational lectures and photography events.  A seminar on robotics and on campus recruitment test by a leading software house was also part of the event.

Addressing the closing ceremony, GCU CSD Incharge Dr Syed Asad Raza Kazmi said that APTRONIX-TECH-18 was one of the biggest Computer Science and Information Technology extravaganzas in the country. He said that such events provide great opportunity to students to exhibit their creativity and talent, and a chance to learn from other students. He congratulated his students on successfully hosting such a big event, adding that it is a best way to exhibit a united team’s talent, dedication, and organizing skill on the national level.

APTRONIX-TECH-18 advisors Mr Yahya Khurram, Syed Ijaz Hussain Bukhari and Mr Muhammad Hafeez said this event was source of learning strategic performance and maneuvering in time-constrained critical situations.

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