Admissions At GCUL

Admissions at GCU

All the information that you will need to apply the GCU for academic programs can be found here. After browsing the following buttons, feel free to contact the Registrar Office with any questions you may still have. We wish you the best of luck in your pursuit of your course/degree programs at GC University, Lahore.

Intermediate Admissions

Blood Group Test Schedule For F.A / F.Sc / I.Com 2020

Prospectus For Intermediate Admissions 2020

Admission Schedule  For FA FSc 2020

Subject combination (set)

Group Set No. Elective Subjects
Subject-1 Subject-2 Subject-3
Pre-Medical PM Biology Chemistry Physics
Pre-Engineering  PE Mathematics Chemistry Physics
Computer Science CS Computer Science Mathematics Physics
General Science GS Economics Statistics Mathematics
Arts (Humanities) H-1 Mathematics Statistics Arabic
H-2 Mathematics Statistics Persian
H-3 Mathematics Statistics Urdu Advance
H-4 Mathematics Statistics English Literature
H-5 Mathematics Statistics French
H-6 Mathematics Statistics Punjabi
H-7 Mathematics Economics Arabic
H-8 Mathematics Economics Persian
H-9 Mathematics Economics Urdu Advanced
H-10 Mathematics Economics English Literature
H-11 Mathematics Economics French
H-12 Mathematics Economics Punjabi
H-13 Mathematics Economics Fine Arts*
H-14 History of Muslim India Civics Fine Arts*
H-15 History of Pakistan Civics Fine Arts*
H-16 Statistics Philosophy Psychology
H-17 Statistics Economics Civics
H-18 History of Pakistan Geography Civics
H-19 History of Muslim India Geography Civics
H-20 History of Pakistan Civics Health & Physical Education
H-21 History of Muslim India Civics Health & Physical Education
H-22 Islamic Studies Education Arabic
H-23 Islamic Studies Education Persian
H-24 Islamic Studies Education Urdu Advanced
H-25 Islamic Studies Education English Literature
H-26 Islamic Studies Education French
H-27 Islamic Studies Education Punjabi
H-28 Islamic Studies Education Health & Physical Education
H-29 Statistics Economics Health & Physical Education
H-30 Mathematics Economics Health & Physical Education
H-31 Islamic Studies Arabic Health & Physical Education
H-32 Islamic Studies Persian Health & Physical Education
H-33 Islamic Studies Urdu Advance Health & Physical Education
H-34 Islamic Studies English Literature Health & Physical Education
H-35 Islamic Studies French Health & Physical Education
H-36 Islamic Studies Punjabi Health & Physical Education
H-37 Psychology Philosophy Statistics
H-38 Psychology Economics Education
H-39 Psychology Economics History of Muslim India
H-40 Psychology Economics History of Pakistan
H-41 Psychology Fine Arts History of Muslim India
H-42 Psychology Fine Arts History of Pakistan
H-43 Geography Statistics Economics
H-44 Geography Economics Civics
H-45 Geography Psychology Physical Education
ICom (Commerce Group) IC Courses of Study for ICOM
ICom Part I ICom Part II
Urdu Urdu
English English
Islamic Studies Pakistan Studies
Principles of Accounting Principles of Accounting
Principles of Economics Commercial Geography
Principles of Commerce Banking
Business Mathematics Business Statistics

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