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Ravian Forensic Society



GC Universityís Chemistry Department has actualized a new society namely the Ravian Forensic Society. It is a step ahead towards the achievements of the goals that GCU has formulated as first academic institution of Pakistan to eliminate crime from its sacred land. Previously, GCU took initiative to cater the dire need of forensic studies and intellectuals to study and investigate crimes by introducing Forensic Chemistry as a Discipline of higher studies in Pakistan.  People understand that for a developing country like Pakistan that has high crime rate and is fighting bloody war against terrorism, the need of forensic studies and investigation has become more indispensable and unavoidable. Ravian Forensic Society is the first ever society established in any university of Pakistan. The members of the society are  committed to play their pro-active role in the achievement of sacred goal as set by their worthy institution.

The society will work for the promotion of the forensic science as a career of choice for young people and will disseminate scientific knowledge about variety of crimes in Pakistan. Ravian Forensic Society is enthusiastically active to launch Anti Drug-Abuse expedition and to develop and flourish the linkages between academia and law enforcing agencies. It is offering open membership to students and professionals, not only of GCU but also from all over the Pakistan.


  • To promote the forensic science as a career of choice for young people

  • To disseminate scientific knowledge about variety of crimes and crime control in Pakistan

  • To keep the Ravians abreast of the scientific efforts and achievement in Pakistan in the advancements of Forensics in comparison with other countries

  • To promote the linkages between academia and law enforcement and professional agencies.

  • To start Anti-Drug Abuse campaign to make Pakistan a drug free country

Membership Form

Please Click Here to download membership form for Ravian Forensic Society. 


News & Events

Executive Member of Ravian Forensic Society (Session 2016-2017)




Rabia Hayee


Anum Shafique

Vice president

Adeel Qaiser

General secretary

Ifra Bashir 

Finance Secretary

Shazia Mustafa 

Assistant Finance Secretary

Hafiza Saman Arshad

Joint Secretary

Safdar Hussain

Press Secretary

Nadba Aziz

Stage Secretary

Kinza burzakh

Program Coordinator-1

Nabira Fatima

Program Coordinator-2

Hira Siddiqui

Program Coordinator-3

Arham Rija

Coordinator Forensic Law

Sana Sohail 

Coordinator Drug & Narcotics

Rabia Tanveer

Coordinator Ballistics 

Nimra Ilyas

Coordinator DNA & Serology

Irfan Ishaq 

Coordinator Forensic Biology



Fifth Annual Science Poster Exhibition held at GCU

The Fifth Annual Science Poster Exhibition was held at the Government College University Lahore under the auspices of Ravian Forensic Society (RFS) to highlight the research of students in the different fields of science and technology. GCU Director Research, Innovation and Commercialization Prof (Emeritus) Dr Ikram Ul Haq opened the exhibition displaying more than 50 posters on various topics related to forensic science, nanotechnology, bioprocess and pharmaceutical chemistry, Bio-diesel Production and Anti-microbial actives. A research poster on effect of some medicinal plants extracts against dengue virus by Zoology Department was also part of the exhibition.

RFS Advisor Dr Muhammad Akhyar Farrukh said that the society held the science poster exhibition every year because it didnít only provide an opportunity to students to exhibit their research work but also improved their presentation skills and created a healthy environment of competition. Besides, he said the critique by senior faculty members of different departments also helped students improve their research work. 

Prof (Emeritus) Dr Ikram Ul Haq appreciated the research work of students and also gave them necessary advices to advance their research. He said that research was a continuous phenomenon. He also laid stress on research collaboration among the departments. Prof Dr Islam Ullah Khan, academic heads and other senior faculty members also visited the poster exhibition. 



Contact Us

Dr. Muhammad Akhyar Farrukh

Associate Professor


Ravian Forensic Society

Department of Chemistry

GC University Lahore

UAN: 111 000 010/ext 263, 264, 266




Ravian Forensic Society


Membership Form
Contact Us
News & Events


Ravian Forensic Newsletter

Volume #03,  Issue #01

January 2015  (PDF Format)



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