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Jones Physics Society




Jones Physics Society was named after Dr. Bernard Mouat Jones in 1926. A short overview is given below: Dr. Bernard Mouat Jones was a British Chemist. In 1904, he graduated from Balliol College (Oxford). In 1906, he joined Government College Lahore (Presently, Government College University Lahore) as Head of Chemistry Department and taught Chemistry till 1911. During his tenure at Government College, he greatly encouraged the teaching and popularizing of Physics. It is so for this reason that in 1926, the Physics Society was named after him. In 1913, he returned back to England and joined Imperial College London as Assistant Professor. Later (from 1938 to 1948), he served as Vice Chancellor, Leeds University, UK and also acknowledged to be the first scientist Vice Chancellor. He is known for his remarkable achievement in identifying the chemical in mustard gas. In the First World War, he served in the British Army as Lieutenant Colonel and was also appointed as Director of Chemical Laboratory, which was set up in response to the German use of poison gas.



list of Office Bearers of Society (2015-16)






Mr. M. Hassan Shahid

General Secretary


Mr. Azmatullah

IT Secretary


Mr. Nabeel Ashfaq

Information Secretary


Miss. Noor-ul-Ain

Sports Secretary


Mr. Akhlaq Ahmad

Class Representative (M. Phil)


Mr. Nabeel Hussain

Class Representative (Part-IV)


Mr. Waqas Shabbir

Class Representative (Part-III)


Mr. Jamshaid Javed

Class Representative (Part-II)


Miss. Ittqa Imtiaz

Class Representative (Part-I)


Mr. M. Waseem Abbas



Miss. Maimoona Zafar



Mr. M. Junaid


News & Events



GCU pays tribute to Nobel laureate Abdus Salam 


Speakers at a seminar at the Government College University Lahore said that the inspiring and fascinating story of Nobel Laureate Prof Dr Abdus Salam must be told to every child in the third world countries.  “It is a story of a Pakistani village boy who starts his life from a remote area of Jhang and becomes the towering personality in the world of Physics,” they said.

The seminar was jointly organized by the university’s Jones Physics Society, Salam Chair and the Pakistan Physical Society to pay tribute to the Pakistan’s only Nobel Laureate in the field of science for his contribution to the landmark electroweak unification.



In his keynote address, Dr G. Murtaza, Professor Salam Chair, GCU, said the story of a village boy from Jhang inspires all the young people with the idea that, wherever they may come from in the world, they too can make careers in science or indeed in any other profession at present dominated by the rich countries. He said that Prof Salam’s achievements were not confined to the Nobel Prize. At the age of 33, he became Fellow of the Royal Society London. He was the first Pakistani and the first from the Muslim world to achieve that distinction. At the age of 38, Salam became the Director of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) Trieste, Italy in 1964, which he had created himself after a great struggle and against stiff resistance to provide scientists from the third world with opportunities to conduct research and to study new developments in physics and mathematics. He said that the Center remains to this day a monument to Salam's determination. For his contributions towards peace and promotion of International Science Collaboration, Prof Salam got the Atoms for Peace Medal and Award. He became fellow and member of more than 30 academies/societies of the world and was awarded D.Sc. Honoris Causa by more than 40 universities of the world. There is a long list of his achievements, honors and awards.


Dr Ghulam Murtaza, who was also taught by Dr Salam himself at the Imperial College London, also touched on the humble upbringing, strong character and virtues of the great scientist.


Speaking on the occasion, Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah said it is remarkable how the Italian have owned Prof Salam and honored him. The International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Italy has preserved all his documents, awards, shields, souvenirs and his personal collection of books including his Chair and Hukka etc. in a separate room called Salam Room in the library of the center. He said it was matter for GCU that Prof Salam had studied and taught here.


Dr Faisal Akram from Centre for High Energy Physics, Punjab University paid tribute to Prof Salam by telling the participants about his electro-weak theory and its modern implications. He said the scientific work of Salam is one of the great achievements of the 20th century and is regarded an important step towards ultimate unity of all forces in nature. Prof Salam believed that “science is as important for the development of a country as the army is for its defense”. The speakers also highlighted the interest of Dr Abdus Salam in poetry and Urdu literature referring to some of the letters that he had written to his teachers and close friends. GCU deans Prof Dr Islam Ullah Khan and Prof Dr Raiz Ahmed also attended the seminar.






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