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Department of Fine Arts




Department of Fine Arts started in early sixties by the Prof. Aslam Minhas. Prof. Aslam Minhas taught at Government College Lahore from 1960 to 1994. GCU is devoted to excellence and innovation in Visual Arts, Media Arts and Design. Fine Art Department emphasis on both technical instructions with latest equipped studios and creative thoughts. The first batch of students at Government College Lahore comprised of Dr. Ajaz Anwar and Sufi Waqar. Ever since Government College Lahore have produced many prominent artists of National and International level. In July 2000 Mr. Erfan Ullah Babar, a young and energetic man joined Government College Lahore as a lecturer in Fine Arts. In recognition of Erfan Ullah Babar’s qualifications and vision, he was made the 1st Chairperson of the Fine Arts Department. Honoring Mr. Minhas contribution in laying a strong foundation of the Fine Arts Department at GC University Lahore, Former Vice Chancellor of GC University approved the establishment of an Art Gallery at GCU in his name. The Minhas Art Gallery was inaugurated by the Mrs. Azra Minhas, the widow of Prof. Aslam Minhas on October 30, 2006. The first painting exhibition at Minhas Art Gallery was of the paintings of Prof. Aslam Minhas which were gathered, reframed and reproduced with great efforts. Ever since Minhas Art Gallery houses the Art work of different artists from time to time which is visited by 100’s of Art lovers from all over Pakistan.




The Department of Fine Arts facilitates students in following manner:

  • There is an internal I departmental library comprising of numbers of valuable books National and International Authors.

  • The Drawing Studio is created in the department for the students to facilitate them.

  • The department has an art gallery named Minhas Art Gallery in which the work of renowned and emerging artists is displayed.


    a. Short Course in Drawing

    b. Short course in Painting

Special Features


Fine Arts Department has the following societies which are playing effective part for the students:


Fine Arts Society


The fine arts society has more than 200 members and it regularly arranges hobby classes, annual fine arts competitions and exhibition of works by the students of GCU. This competition takes place of intercollegiate level.


Photographic Club


The photographic club arranges the classes, events, photo-walks etc. for the students of GCU.


Minhas Art Gallery


A permanent venue for art activities.


Academic Programmes


The Department of Fine Arts offered the subject of Fine Art sat Intermediate (FA) level and BA level (as an allied subject) with History & Psychology major. BFA (Graphic Design) 4 Years Professional Programmes.

  • BA (Hons) As Allied Subject

a. History Combination

b. Psychology Combination

  • BFA 4 Years Professional Programme




  • BA (Hons) As Allied Subject

  • BFA 4 Years Professional Programme



Department of Fine Arts, GCU Lahore offers BFA (Graphic Design) Four Years Professional Program after Intermediate level consists of 8 semesters. BFA Graphic Design is a rigorous, professional program stressing concept development and visual communication skills necessary to prepare content and imagery for Print, Multimedia and the Web. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of the discipline and a portfolio of work to begin a career in the graphic design industry.

Some of our objectives include:

  • To promote a learner-centered environment focused on the Arts and Design and to facilitate the development of an environment of creative engagement, modernism and professionalism; To produce professional designers for printing & electronic industries as well as market.

  • To produce skilled and professional creative teachers for educational institutions.

  • To generate the revenue for the University.


Minimum requirement for admission will be intermediate/ FA, FSC, A Levels with 45 % Marks and drawing test




FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT       ( Ext. No. 331)

Name Qualification Position Area of Interest
Mr. Erfan Ullah Babar

MPhil (PU),

M.A (Gold  Medalist)

In-charge & Assistant Professor

Graphic Design
Amna Anwaar Khan M.A (PU) Lecturer  
Tahir Ali Sadiq B.F.A (NCA) Lecturer  
Ali Raza Peerzada   Lecturer  
Yasir Javed Doger   Lecturer  
Visiting/Adjunct Faculty
Sikander Nawaz      
Maria Zaid      



News & Events



GCU luminaries immortalised in pencil portraits


The pencil portraits of eminent luminaries of Government College University Lahore are once again put on display at the Minhas Art Gallery for Old Ravians and art lovers. This is the second exhibition of these portraits made by the university’s Fine Arts Department Chairman Erfan Ullah Babar.


Punjab University College of Arts and Design Principal Prof Dr Shahida Manzoor and noted Old Ravian artist Ejaz Anwar inaugurated the exhibition that would remain open for three weeks. The 28 pencil sketches include of writer Muhammad Husain Azad, poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Syed Imtiaz Ali Taj, Sir Ganga Ram, Dr. Abdus Salam, Major Shabbir Sharif Shaheed, Dharam Dev Anand, Prof Aslam Minhas and Chaudhry Zafarullah Khan. 


Students and teachers take keen interest in pencil portraits of eminent Old Ravians

by noted artist Erfan Ullah Babar at the GCU  


Speaking on the occasion, Prof Shahida Manzoor said that pencil sketches was one of most difficult medium of art, adding that the portraits made by Mr Erfan Ullah Babar exhibits the strong character and personality of these eminent luminaries  of GCU.

Prof Dr Shaukat Mahmood said pencil had been a very favourite and a forceful medium of Neoclassical and Romantic draftsmen of the eighteenth century, and Mr Erfan Ullah Babar was causing a renaissance of this technique and art. “His portraits which are being showcased in this exhibition furnish the finest lessons to our students of art and design,” he said.


Talking about his work, Erfan Ullah Babr said that understanding about art in our society was lesser than any other subject related to human abilities and knowledge and it was because of the lack of fundamental knowledge delivered to young generation, especially at the level of primary education. The artist said that he had used the pencil tool to draw the portraits and thoroughly enjoyed the exploration of the personalities’ trait as reflected in their appearance. “I tried to meld the lines to create a blend of tones which finally highlighted the contours of a certain personality. I use the elasticity, stretchiness and thickness of lines in accordance with the anatomy and features of the face which bring the whole drawing into a pure from and volume. Adding up extra lines in to a portrait brings more interest and energy into it,” he said.




GCU celebrates 154th Founders’ Day


The Government College University Lahore (GCU), to celebrate its 154th Founders’ Day, unveiled the handmade pencil portraits of some of its eminent luminaries who had studied at the oldest seat of higher learning in Pakistan since its foundation on Jan 01, 1864.


Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah inaugurated the exhibition titled Founders’ Day Exhibition at the University’s Minhas Art Gallery, saying that “we owe a deep debt of gratitude to a long list of illustrious luminaries of GCU who toiled ceaselessly to bring this great institution to its present position of eminence.”


The pencil portraits of as many 29 luminaries of GCU from different fields of life, including literature, art, music and science, were put on display at the exhibition that would remain open till January 31, 2017 for Old Ravians and art-lovers. The portraits were pencil sketched by Fine Arts Department in-charge Erfan Ullah Babr in a period of six months.


Vice Chancellor GCU take keen interest in

pencil sketches of illustrious Old Ravians

GCU VC accompanied by Teaching and Administrative

Heads is cutting the cake.


Speaking on occasion, Prof Shah also said that social progress was inconceivable without progressive and liberal institutions like Government College University Lahore, so they must be protected, strengthened and upgraded to match with the demands of new age. He lauded the skills and hard work of Mr Erfan Ullah Babr in making these pencil sketches. He also remembered that the Mr Erfan had last year put on display the pencil portraits of the 25 Principals of Government College Lahore. “These portraits reflect the love and affection of the artist with GCU,” he said.


Mr Erfan said that GCU was a witness to three centuries and had served as a nourishing stream to hundreds of generations of talented men and women. “So, there is long list of illustrious Ravians even impossible to count. “So I tried to pick at least one from different fields of life for my first exhibition on the topic,”. He said that he had a plan to compile a book of pencil sketches portraits of almost of all eminent Old Ravians from 1864 to 2016.


The 29 pencil sketches include of writer Muhammad Husain Azad, poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Urdu dramatist Syed Imtiaz Ali Taj, music composer Khwaja Khurshid Anwar, philanthropist Sir Ganga Ram, Nobel Laureates Dr. Abdus Salam and Dr. Har Gobind Khorana, jurist Muhammad Rustam Kayani, Nishan-e-Haider and Sitara-e-Jurat Major Shabbir Sharif Shaheed, actor Dharam Dev Anand, historian Prof H. L. O. Garret,  fine arts teacher Prof. Aslam Minhas and first foreign minister of Pakistan Sir Chaudhry  Muhammad Zafarullah Khan. Earlier, a cake-cutting ceremony in connection with GCU Founders Day was held, which was attended by all academic and administrative heads.






Certificate in Drawing Admission 2016





GCU students design advertisement campaigns


The first outgoing batch of Government College University Lahore Fine Arts Department Tuesday put on display advertisement campaigns on social issues and eminent brands as their final projects. Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah inaugurated the exhibition at the Coopera Art Gallery, while eminent artist and Old Ravian Dr Ajaz Anwar and Fine Arts Department Incharge Erfan Ullah Babar were also present.


As many as 25 final year students of Bachelor in Fine Arts (Hons.) displayed their projects which comprised of complete advertisement material, including billboards, posters, press and electronic media advertisements, calendars, pamphlets and social media pages for promotion of their brands and raising awareness about social issues.


Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah takes keen interest in the final projects of fine arts

students of Government College University Lahore at the Coopera Arts Gallery.  


Speaking on the occasion, Prof Shah said advertisement campaign was a key behind the success of a product or social welfare campaign. He lauded that all the students had adopted a comprehensive approach for the promotion of their products and separately designed targeted campaigns for social campaign and general campaigns for electronic and print media.

He appreciated that models used in this advertisement campaign were their juniors or class-fellows but their work looked highly professionals. He said mostly advertisement shoots of these projects were done on the university campus, for which students were provided maximum facilitation by the university administration. The Vice Chancellor also appreciated the efforts of Erfan Ullah Babar and other faculty members for the exceptional training of their students.    


Talking to media, students said that they didn’t take any sponsorship from these brands for the work, because when they pay, they start dictating which kills the creativity of their final project. However, they said now these brands were offering to purchase their work but were not ready to pay much.


Speaking on the occasion, Erfan Ullah Babar said most of their fine arts students had got jobs in reputed companies even before the completion of their degrees which showed the success of their BFA (Hons) programme.




GCU unveils pencil portraits of its principals


The Government College University, Lahore Fine Arts Department, celebrating its 152nd Founders Day, unveiled the handmade pencil portraits of all its twenty five principals who had headed this prestigious and oldest seat of higher learning from January 1, 1864 to 2002.


Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah inaugurated the exhibition titled “Founders’ Day Exhibition” at the Minhas Art Gallery, saying that these legendary academicians made GCU a citadel of academic excellence where ideals of tolerance and co-existence had also flourished with commitment. He said that traditions set up by these academic leaders were like lampposts which guided them in their journey to peaceful and prosperous future. He lauded the skills and hard work of Fine Arts Department Incharge Erfan Ullah Babr in making these pencil sketches, saying “these portraits also reflect love and affection the artist with GCU.”  



Prof. Dr. Hassan Amir Shah take keen interest in
pencil portraits of GCU Principals

GCU VC accompanied by Teaching and Administrative

Heads is cutting the cake.


The pencil portraits of GC’s founding Prof Dr G.W Litener, first Indian principal Prof G.D Sondhi, first Muslim principal Prof A.S Bukhari and last principal Prof Dr Khalid Aftab remained center of attraction at the exhibition. Speaking on the occasion, Erfan Ullah Babr said pencil portraits from references of old and small pictures was a difficult task and it took him several months to complete this project. The exhibition would remain open till January 20, 2016. Earlier, a cake-cutting ceremony in connection with the GCU Founders’ Day was held at the university’s New Meeting Rooms which was attended by all academic and administrative heads. Speaking on the occasion, Vice Chancellor Prof Shah said the biggest challenge to the university today was dearth of space. He hoped that GCU KSK Campus would be built soon with the government grants.



GCU pays tribute to the sacrifices and bravery APS Peshawar martyrs


The young artists of Government College University Lahore (GCU) Fine Arts Department relived the painful and heartrending memories of terrorist attack on Army Public School (APS), Peshawar through their artwork at the poster exhibition opened at the university’s Minhas Art Gallery. About 50 artworks of young fine arts students are put on display at the exhibition that is dedicated to the sacrifices and bravery of to 151 schoolchildren and teachers who lost their lives in terrorist attack on APS Peshawar in December last year.


“It’s almost a year but the wounds of APS carnage are still fresh, and I strongly believe that education for all will ultimately be the real revenge, said Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah while addressing the inaugural ceremony of the week-long exhibition.


“It’s education that will wipe out the terrorism; you can fight it and stop it for a period of time but ultimately education will end it, said Prof Shah who was pleased to see that many students have themed their posters on importance of education for fighting terrorism. He also paid glowing tributes to the soldiers of the country’s armed forces, who are sacrificing their lives in war against terrorism, so that “our children can safely continue the mission of APS martyrs i.e. education.”


Addressing the ceremony, GCU Fine Arts Department Incharge Erfan Ullah Babar said Dec 16 was a Black Day in the history of humanity which could never be forgot. He appreciated the enthusiasm and patriotism of the young artists, saying that “you art clearly depicts that terrorists have failed and the great sacrifice of APS schoolchildren have united us as nation to promote their mission of education. He said a student had beautifully depicted terrorism in his artwork as “ignorant against the innocents.”   


Talking to media, the young artists said that it is difficult to draw or create something on APS carnage, because it multiplies their pain and grief over the massacre of innocent schoolchildren. “I have a younger brother and I see the faces of innocent APS martyrs in him,” said Mehwish Saleem, a fine arts student. The Chinese delegates participating in an international conference at GCU visited the exhibition paid tributes to the sacrifices of APS martyrs. “Chinese and Pakistanis are brothers and they were our children too,” they said.  


The exhibition will remain open till Dec 15, 2015 and many school delegations are scheduled to attend it.


Please click here to view the posters.





GCU exhibition highlights chronology of fine arts


An exhibition of art works by eminent and emerging Old Ravian artists Thursday opened at the Minhas Art Gallery of the Government College University Lahore. Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah and eminent Old Ravian artist Dr Ajaz Anwar inaugurated the art show that ideally exhibits chronology of changing trends, techniques, philosophy and use of technology in the field of fine arts, especially painting.  “GCU Minhas Art Gallery has brought the history of fine arts in Pakistan under one roof as this exhibition houses the classical paintings from 1960s to latest modern digital paintings of 2015. Besides, art-lovers, this show is really significant for the academic learning of the students of fine arts,” said Ms Amna Anwar, a faculty member of GCU Fine Arts Department while talking to the media. However, Old Ravian artist Haseeb Ullah Waqar believed that the latest technologies were killing invention and innovation in young artists who rather rely more on software applications than their personal abilities and imagination. He said computer could be fast but it could never compete with the mind of an artist.


GCU Quality Enhancement Cell Director Ms Iram Sohail termed the exhibition “a mini art world”, saying that it housed many kinds of art works including calligraphy, ceramics, oil painting, digital painting, graphic designing and photography. She said that every painting depicted a complete story. She admired the water colour paintings of GCU main building by distinguished painter Dr Ajaz Anwar. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Ajaz Anwar said that the education of fine arts should be made compulsory as it gave the students motivational tools to unlock a deeper understanding of their education and of their life and also it would result in positive social outcomes. He lauded that the young artists were working on variety of subjects and mediums from oil paintings to ceramics. He proudly said he was the first student of fine arts at the Government College Lahore back in 1961 and Prof Aslam Minhas was his teacher.


Vice Chancellor Prof Hassan Amir Shah also appreciated the artwork of Old Ravians and hoped that it would motivate and inspire the young students. Giving details of the exhibition, Erfan Ullah Babar, the Incharge of the GCU Fine Arts Department, said that they had this time proudly presented artworks of their 22 alumni which included the work of fine arts legends; Prof Ghazanfar Ali, Dr Shaukat Mahmood, Dr Ajaz Anwar and Prof Abid Hussian Qureshi besides of young Old Ravians including Jamil Hussain, Khalid Mahmood and Haseeb Ullah. He also said that the four-week exhibition was also part of the academic learning GCU current fine arts students, as critical discussions were held among students and faculty members on themes, colours, styles and methods of each painting and artwork during the exhibition.


Later, talking to media, GCU fine arts student Rida Butt that every painting had a feeling and expression and it took months to completely understand the philosophy of an art work. She said they got ideas and inspirations from the work of the seniors and also tried to put their innovation to it, as after all new knowledge was created out of the existing knowledge; one idea gave birth to another idea.


The exhibition also includes artworks by emerging artists; Zahir-u-Din babr, Tahir Ali Sadiq,  Imran Mudassar, Muhammad Sulaman, Bilal Jilani, Masood Khalid, Abdullah, Haroon Mughal, Jameel Hussain, Bilal Khalid, Moiz Ahmad, Naveed Amjad and Bilal Jaffary. The exhibition will remain open till October 16, 2015.






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