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Chemistry NEWS 



First Int’l conference on forensic science begins at GCU


The first international conference in Pakistan on a crucial topic of “Forensic Science and Justice” began at the Government College University, Lahore under the auspices of the university’s Chemistry Department, Punjab Forensic Science Agency (PFSA) and Higher Education Commission. Above 500 lawyers, judges, forensic experts, police officers and academicians are participating in the three-day international conference which was spread over six technical sessions on ‘Jurisprudence’, ‘Forensic Toxicology and Drug of Abuse’, ‘Crime Detection and its Investigation’, ‘Forensic Biology’, ‘Forensic Psychology’ and ‘Cyber crimes’. Prof. Dr. Harpal S. Buttar from University of Ottawa, Canada, GCU Chemistry Department Chairperson Dr Ahmed Adnan, Dr. Mona Elghory Head Egypt Forensic Medicine Department were also present in the opening ceremony of the conference.  


Addressing the opening ceremony, Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman said that it was the first time in Pakistan that a conference was being held on forensic science to discuss latest methods to overcome obstacles affecting judicial system. “About 11 eminent forensic scientists from the US, UK, Canada, Egypt and Australia are practicing in the conference, he added.


In his keynote address, Dr Garth Glassberg, the executive director of Chicago Regional Crime Lab, USA, said that forensic science made the dead speak. “Humans can lie, forget or get frightened from the Crime Scene, but physical evidence is always present at crime scene, as a silent witness,” he said, adding that the change from oral testimony to scientific physical evidence testimony was a paradigm shift in the America’s criminal justice system. He also told participants that like human fingerprints, every firearm in the world leave unique print on its ammunition, and how it could be proved in the court that ammunition were fired form the specific firearm.


Terrey H Gilbert, an eminent defense attorney from Ohio, USA, said DNA analysis and other forensic evidences were being used to revisit closed cases in USA in which biological crime scene specimens were maintained. “Questionable convictions based on non-scientific evidence such as “eyewitness” identification are now being reversed by new testing using this advanced science. As a result, hundreds of innocent people in the last 20 years have been released,” he said, adding that these DNA exonerations had now called into question widely accepted notions of the reliability of traditional evidence.


Dr Muhammad Ashraf Tahir Director General Punjab Forensic Science Agency  addressing the participants of conference.

Experts posed for a group photo with GCU VC..


PFSA Director General Dr Muhammad Ashraf Tahir said prior to the establishment of PFSA, forensic techniques were applied in less than one percent of the over-all crime investigations in Pakistan. “Above and beyond sanctioning wider discretion to the investigators, this practice also leads to a situation where large number of evidentially fragile cases is submitted to the courts and resultantly the fraction of cases resulting in convictions remains low,” he added. He said PFSA had proved its excellence at the international level, and they were receiving cases from America, UK, Egypt and other countries of the world. He laid stress on establishing more state-of-the-art forensic science agencies in the country to support the judicial system.


Justice Khwaja Muhammad Sharif former chief justice Lahore High Court also spoke on the role of physical evidence in criminal justice system. Dr Muhammad Akhyar Farrukh presented a paper on Green Synthesis of Magnetic Nanpowder for the Development of Latent Finger marks.


Speaking on the occasion, GCU Dean Faculty of Science and Technology Prof Islam Ullah Khan said about 70 papers would be presented by the eminent forensic experts at the conference which stressed on refining objectives, deliberating delivery plan details, discussion and dissemination of emerging results from it.





Notification (Dr. Muhammad Akhyar Farrukh will look after the office of the Registrar)



GCU produces PhD in Chemistry

GC University Lahore produced a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the field of Chemistry. Ms. Tuheeda Riaz completed her research titled “Investigations on the chemical constituents of Colebrookia oppositifolia, Rhynchosia pseudo-cajan and Biochemical Studies on some Indigenous Medicinal Plants” under the supervision of Dr Muhammad Athar Abbasi.





A Summery vide No. 59/PS-VC/13 dated 22-10-2013 has been sent to the Honorable Chancellor through Higher Education Department, Govt. of the Punjab for approval, for assigning of look after duties of the office of the Registrar, GC University Lahore.


In anticipation of the approval of the Honorable Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor is pleased to assign the additional duties to look after the office of the Registrar to Dr. Muhammad Akhyar Farrukh Assistant Professor, Chemistry Department for smooth & effective functioning of the University till further orders.


Additional Registrar

Ref. No. EA-I/101-13/13




The Governor/Chancellor has granted leave ex-Pakistan for 32 days from 29-6-2013 to 30-7-2013 to Prof. Dr. Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman, Vice Chancellor GC University Lahore to visit United Kingdom, Sweden and Germany. 

Prof. Dr. Islam Ullaha Khan, Dean Faculty of Science will look after the affairs of the University, during the absence of the Vice Chancellor. (Ref: No. SO(Univ)12-6/2006 dated: 28th June 2013)


GCU produces PhD in Chemistry

GC University Lahore produced a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the field of Chemistry. Saif Ullah completed his research titled “Studies in Extraction, Structure Elucidation and Anti-diabetic Potential of Bioactive Compounds from Species of Asteracea and Acanthaceae” under the supervision of Dr Durre Shahwar.




GCU produces PhD in Chemistry


GC University Lahore produced a doctor of philosophy (PhDs) in the field of Chemistry. Tayyaba Ahahzadi completed her research titled “Phytochemical and Bioactivity Studies on Opuntia Dellinii and Caryopteris Odorata” under the supervision of Dr Muhammad Athar Abbasi and co-supervisor Dr Aziz-ur-Rehman.




The GC University Lahore produced three doctors of philosophy (PhDs) in the field of Chemistry. Muhammad Waseem Mumtaz and Khadija Shabbiri did their research on “Optimization of Reaction Parameters for Biodiesel Production by Chemical and Enzymatic Transesterification” and “Proteomics of Brevibacterium Linens-An Investigation into Secretory and Membrane Bound Respiratory Proteins” respectively under the supervision of Dr Ahmad Adnan. Naeem Ahmad completed his research on the topic of “Study of Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitory Potential of Natural Products Extracted from Medicinal Plants and Synthesized Benzothiazine Derivatives” under the supervision of Dr. Durre Shahwar.



GCU signs accord for undertaking research on medicines

The Department of Chemistry of GC University Lahore signed a key accord for five years with the NovaMed Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Limited for undertaking research on development and improvement in medicines. GCU Vice Chancellor Prof (Meritorious) Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman and NovaMed Chief Executive Officer Muhammad Idrees signed the agreement. GCU Director Research Prof Dr Muhammad Zakria Butt, Dean Prof Dr Islam Ullah Khan and Director Academic Planning External Links Fauzia Shaheen were also present on the occasion. The key features of agreement are collaboration in research projects, provision of reference standards of pharmaceuticals drugs, provision of stipend, training opportunities and jobs to GCU students and special projects for mutual benefit. The NovaMed has also pledged to facilitate GCU in upgrading its Materials Chemistry Lab. Speaking at the accord signing ceremony, Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman said that modern research was increasingly complex. “No single individual or institution possesses all the knowledge, equipment, and techniques required,” he added.


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman; Vice Chancellor, GCU after inking MoU

with Muhammad Idrees; the Director of NovaMed Pharmaceuticals (Pvt).



GCU produces PhD in Chemistry

GC University Lahore produced a Doctor of Philosophy (PhDs) in the field of Chemistry. Muhammad Waseem Mumtaz completed his research titled “Optimization of Reaction parameters for Biodiesel Production by Chemical and Enzymatic Transesterification” under the supervision of Dr Ahmad Adnan and co-supervisor Dr Hamid Mukhtar.






The Vice Chancellor is pleased to order that Prof. Dr. Islam Ullah Khan, Dean, Faculty of Sciences & Technology, GC University Lahore will look after the office of Dean, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, with immediate effect.


No: EA-I/101-13/12

Dated: 22-10-2012


Prof. Dr. Islam Ullah Khan, Professor, Department of Chemistry appointed as Dean


The Chancellor in pursuant to the powers vested in him under Statutes 2(2) of the First Statues appended as Schedule read with section 9(7) of the Government College University, Lahore Ordinance 2002 is pleased to appoint Prof. Dr. Islam Ullah Khan, Professor, Department of Chemistry as Dean, Faculty of Sciences & Technology, Government College University Lahore for a period of three years with immediate effect.



No: EA-I/101-13/09

27 September, 2012




GC University Lahore has decided to launch a diploma course in Forensic Sciences for policemen and officials of other law enforcement agencies in collaboration with the Punjab Forensic Science Agency to train them in crime scene investigation, evidence preservation, crime mapping, fingerprints and DNA markers & technologies and analytical techniques. The decision was made during an accord signing ceremony between PFSA and GCU for academic and research collaboration. GCU Vice Chancellor Prof. (Meritorious) Dr. Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman and PFSA Director General Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Tahir signed the accord, while GCU Director Research Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zakria Butt, Director Academic Planning Fauzia Shaheen, Chemistry Department Chairperson and PFSA Director Forensics Dr. M. Sarwar were also present on the occasion. The Punjab Forensic Science Agency will extend practical training and other facilities for the six-month diploma that would help policemen use modern methods and technologies in nabbing outlaws and ensure effective collaboration forensic experts and agencies. The PFSA also offered to provide training to the GCU faculty members for teaching and curriculum designing of the diploma for policemen.



Prof. Dr. Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman; Vice Chancellor, GC University Lahore and

PFSA Director General Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Tahir sign the accord for academic and research collaboration in the field of Forensic Sciences.


The Vice Chancellor Prof. Khaleeq said training of professionals involved in law enforcement would help to create an enabling environment for equality, fair play, justice and rule of law. He also announced that GCU is soon launching the B.Sc (Hons) and one-year postgraduate diploma in Forensic Sciences and to produce skilled manpower for law enforcement and forensic science agencies and PFSA would provide excess to their students to high-tech equipment for practical training and identify the new areas of research in the subject of Forensic Chemistry. He said in the four-year B.Sc (Hons) programme, it is more feasible for the University to train a student in wide and diverse spectrum of Forensics. He said that GCU was the first Public Sector University in Pakistan which initiated academic programme in Forensic Chemistry in 2008 and later upgraded it to MS in 2009. He said that the GCU has revised its curriculum of MS forensic chemistry in collaboration with PFSA.



Prof. Dr. Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman; Vice Chancellor, GC University Lahore and

PFSA Director General Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Tahir visit the laboratory of GCU Forensic Chemistry.


The PFSA also showed interest in providing internship and job placement to shinning GCU students besides giving research projects to the University’s PhD students in the field of Forensic Sciences. The forensic agency would also facilitate GCU in upgrading and establishing Forensic Science laboratories.

Both the parties also agreed to jointly hold seminars and lectures for judges and officials of law enforcement agencies to raise awareness among them about Forensic Sciences. Later, PFSA officials and Vice Chancellor visited the GCU Chemistry Department and inspected the high-tech facilities including Materials Chemistry Laboratory, Single Crystal X-Ray Diffractometer, HPLC LC-20T Diode Array Detector, Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer, CHNS Elemental Analyzer and Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer.




GCU AWARDS TWO PhDs in PHYSICS and ONE in Chemistry  


The GCU Lahore has awarded two PhD degrees in the subject of Physics and one in Chemistry. Sami Ullah completed his research on the topic of “Study in the Extraction, Structure Elucidation of Potential Anti-tumor Agents from Species of Asteraceae and Lauraceae” under the supervision of Dr Durre Shahwar.


Gohar Abbas and Tousif Hussain are notified PhDs in Physics after the approval of their thesis on the topic of “Collective Modes in Weakly Magnetized Relativistic and Ultra-relativistic Electron Plasmas” and “Synthesis of Titanium based Nitride Thin Films by Plasma Focus System” completed under the supervision of Prof. Dr. G. Murtaza Salam Professor in Physics GCU and Prof. Dr. Riaz Ahmad Director CASP respectively.


GCU Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rehman congratulated the scholars on completion of their PhD programme.




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