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B.A./B.Sc. (Hons) 4- Years Degree Programmes  




  1. Admission to various classes in GC University Lahore is granted on merit strictly and in accordance with the rules, regulations, policies and procedures of the University. Applications for admission will be accepted according to the schedule notified and no Application Form will be accepted after the last date except with the special permission of the Vice Chancellor. After the completion of all the necessary stages of admission, the list of successful candidates will be displayed on the University Notice Board. Students, who fail to pay all the dues by the due date their right of admission will forfeited.

  2. University authorities can reject candidates application for admission on the ground of unbecoming character or conduct. The students of the University, who were found guilty of misconduct or indiscipline and were consequently punished or fined shall not be considered for admission.

  3. The applications of the students who are found to have an unbecoming character and conduct will be rejected. No appeal can be filed against the rejection.

  4. After the admission of a candidate, if it comes to the knowledge of the University Authorities at any stage, that the documents submitted by the candidate for admission carry a misstatement, or are fake, or there is an error in these documents, that may affect his/her merit, his/her admission will be cancelled.

  5. Candidates who apply on Sports and Special Category Basis are requested to submit a separate Sports Form/Special Category Form along with the General Admission Form separately for each Game/Activity/Category to which they wish to apply. They must write, “Sports Basis/Special Category Basis” in block letters on the top of the General Admission Form.



  1. Admission will be strictly on merit which shall be determined on the basis of overall marks and interview.

  2. The applicant (Male/Female) applying for admission to BA/BSc (Hons) 4-years programme must have passed his/her HSSC with at least 50% Marks.

  3. The candidates for admission to BA/BSc (Hons) will be interviewed on the dates notified, and the candidates who remain absent will have no claim to admission, irrespective of the marks they have obtained in the HSSC Examination.

  4. Candidates who select English Literature and Political Science as their major subject are required to pass a written test conducted by the departments in order to qualify for admission. Merit List shall be prepared on the basis of the candidates' score in the written test and Interview.

  5. For BSc (Hons) in Physics/Mathematics/Statistics/BS(CS), the candidate must have passed his/her HSSC Examination with Mathematics from any Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education securing at least 50% marks.

  6. Diploma holders DAE/D.Com are not eligible to apply for admission to BA/BSc 4-Year (Hons) Programme except BSc(Hons) in Electronics offered by department of Physics and B.Com (Hons.) offered by department of economics.

  7. Candidate who passed ICom will be eligible for admission to BA/BSc 4-year (Hons.) programme in only those subjects which are allowed by the concerned department.




1. A-level/Equivalent

2. Co-curricular Activities

3. Sports

4. Disability

5. Overseas Pakistani

6. Provinces Other then the Punjab

7. Minorities

8. Hafiz-e-Quran

9. Foreign Students


General Admission Rules of Special Categories

 1.  A-level / Equivalent



The students who seek admission on the basis of A-Level should also attach their result with the application form. They will also have to submit equivalence certificate. They must have passed their A-Level Examination in at least 3 subjects. They will be given admission on the basis of their performance in A-Level/Equivalent Examinations and the merit of such candidates is determined amongst them after converting their grades of A-Level/Equivalent according to the following formula:


A*=90 Marks                    A = 85 Marks

B = 75 Marks                    C = 65 Marks

D = 55 Marks                    E = 45 Marks





1. Drama

2. English Debate

3. Urdu Debate

4. Punjabi Debate

5. Qirat/Naat

6. Rovers (Scouting)

7. Music

  1. The candidates seeking admission on the basis of outstanding performance in Co-curricular Activities are required to submit a “Category Form” along with the General Admission Form. A candidate applying on Co-curricular basis will not be considered on Open Merit, if s/he has not submitted a separate Application Form for Open Merit.

  2. Attested copies of the Co-curricular Certificates must be attached with the Admission Form. No Co–curricular Certificate will be accepted after the due date of submission of Admission Forms.

  3. The candidates will have to appear for the trials of the Co-curricular Activities according to the Schedule given by the Chairperson Societies' Board.

  4. The candidates recommended by the Societies' Board will be called for the interview on the scheduled dates. The candidate who remains absent or fails in his/her interview shall have no claim to admission.

  5. Students selected for admission on Co-curricular basis shall be assigned to Science or Arts Groups by the Admission Committee at the time of the interview on the basis of the candidate's ability and aptitude. The decision of the Admission Committee will be final.




  1. The candidates seeking admission on the basis of outstanding performance in sports are required to submit a “Sports Form” along with the usual Admission Form. Candidate applying on Sports Basis will not be considered on Open Merit if he/she has not submitted a separate Application Form for Open Merit.

  2. Attested copies of sports certificates must be attached with the form. No sports certificate will be accepted after the due date of submission of the Admission Form.

  3. Candidates shall have to appear for the trials of the sports according to the programme given by the sports office. The candidates recommended by the Sports Board will be called for interview on the scheduled dates. Selection of the Sports Board or Committee cannot be challenged in any court. The candidates who remain absent or fail in the trials / interview shall lose claim to admission. No separate arrangement for trials/interview will be made by the University in any case.

  4. Students selected for admission on sports basis will be assigned Major Combination by the Admission Committee at the time of the interview on the basis of the candidate’s ability and aptitude. The decision of the Admission Committee shall be final.

  5. Sportsmen are required to actively participate in sports activity and strictly follow the rules and regulations of the University. In case of indiscipline or violation, shall be expelled from the University.

  6. Sportsman may be given scholarship/full dues concession/fee concession on account of his/her outstanding performance in sports on the recommendations of the Director Sports.

  7. None of the sportsmen are permitted to play for any department or agency. The sportsmen will get prior permission from the Director Sports if s/he wants to participate in any sports other than GC University Lahore, otherwise s/he shall be expelled from the University.

  8. Relaxation may be granted to sportsmen only on account of sports activities. Non- Participant sportsmen are bound to attend regular classes/examinations.

  9. The Chairman Sports Board and the Director Sports shall have the prerogative to determine the number of seats in each sport/game.

  10. The permission of semester freeze may be granted to a sportsman on account of his/her sports activities at any stage before the start of mid semester exams. On rejoining, after freeze of the semester, no additional fee will be charged.

  11. The candidates, who are admitted to Intermediate on sports basis and later on take Admission to BA/BSc (Hons) will be considered to have been admitted on sports basis, and are subject to the same obligations as applicable at the Intermediate level.

Sports For Boys
















Table Tennis

Volley ball






Sports For Girls




Table Tennis

Lawn Tennis






Some seats are reserved for special applicants at undergraduate Level. Such applicants should attach a “Disability Certificate” obtained from the District Disability Board, with the Admission Form. There is no age limit for special students.






In addition to the seats for admission to BA/BSc (Hons) on merit, some seats have been allocated for “Overseas Pakistani Children” for the session 2014-2018.

  1. The candidate should write “Overseas Pakistani” in legible writing, on the top right corner of the Admission Form.

  2. General conditions for admission against the seats reserved for Overseas Pakistani Children shall be the same as for the candidates applying for admission to BA/BSc (Hons) in the University on Open Merit.

  3. They should have passed their HSSC /A-Level equivalent Examination securing at least 50% marks.

  4. The parents must be Pakistanis and working/engaged in a business in a foreign country. In case a candidate's parent is employed in a foreign country.

  5. In case a candidate's parent is employed in foreign country s/he should submit a certificate to that effect from the employer along with proof of residential status. In case a candidate's parent is engaged in business in a foreign country, s/he should produce proof of his/her business/office and residential status along with the Admission Form.

  6. The candidates applying on this basis shall apply for admission directly to the University along with the other candidates.

  7. The candidates who have passed the Intermediate  Examination from any Intermediate Board in Pakistan are eligible. Four attested recent photographs should be attached with the Admission Form along with the following documents:

  1. Four attested copies of Intermediate Result Card and one attested copy of SSC Result Card.

  2. One attested copy of Character Certificate from the institution last attended.

  3. Proof of the candidate's parent's employment or business in a foreign country as well as residential status.

  1. The Application Form complete in all respects, shall be submitted to the same Branch of the United Bank Limited (UBL) from where it has been obtained.

  2. The list of eligible candidates for the interview will be displayed on the University Notice Board on the specified date.

  3. The candidate, at the time of admission, shall have to pay Rs. 110,000/- in addition to regular dues for the entire Programme.


6. Provinces other than the Punjab



As per the following table some seats are reserved for candidates from provinces other than Punjab.


Province /Area


BA/BSc (Hons.)

No. of Seats

BSc Electical Engineering

No. of Seats







Khyber Pukhtun Khawa



Azad Jamu Kashmir



Gilgit - Baltistan







24 6


NOTE: The seats are equally distributed among the three faculties. Faculty of science & Technology, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences and Faculty of Languages, Islamic & Oriental Learning.


Selection of candidates to BA/BSc (Hons.) will be made by the respective province and areas subject to the condition that the candidate meets the minimum criteria for admission prescribed in the “Admission Regulations”. The names of the selected candidates shall be sent to the Registrar's Office.



7. Minorities



One percent quota of the total seats is reserved for minorities with the condition that the applicants will meet the minimum criteria for admission set for others.



8. Hafiz-e-Quran


Candidate applying for admission on the basis of Hafiz-e-Quran Should:

  • Have a certificate from registered Madrassa from where he has completed his Hafiz-e-Quran.

  • Pass the oral test to be given to him before admission.

  • 20 marks will be added to the marks he has obtained in SSC/A-Level/Equivalent Examination.




  • Ten (10) seats are reserved for Foreign National candidates seeking admission to the University.

  • In addition, (03) seats are reserved for the candidates from Bangladesh.


Admission Requirements  

  1. Foreign students seeking admission to GCU have to apply for admission directly to the University and get the letter of confirmation of admission. The rest of the procedure is as follows:

a. The University will send a copy of the Admission Letter to the HEC.

b. The HEC Pakistan will confirm and endorse admission after clearance from the Ministry of Interior.

  1. The student will approach the Pakistani Mission abroad for Visa and will submit the following documents:

a. Application Form (Student Visa Form)

b. Photocopy of passport

c. Photograph

d. Educational Documents

e. Admission Letter of University

f. All other documents required by the Pakistani Mission abroad.

  1. The Pakistani Mission abroad forwards all the documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad for further processing.

  2. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad forwards all documents to the Ministry of Interior for security clearance and a copy to Ministry of Education, Health and HEC, Pakistan.

  3. As per policy the Ministry of Interior takes about four weeks to complete the process and send Visa advice to the Mission concerned and copy to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and HEC, Pakistan.

  4. The HEC sends information of Visa advice to Ministry of Education, Health and GC University Lahore.

  5. Visa to be issued for duration of studies will be renewed annually, inclusive of security clearance.


Migration Policy


A student may apply for migration if s/he meets the university open merit with following conditions:

  1. The students who are enrolled in BA/BSc (Hons), 4-year program in HEC recognized educational institutions will be eligible for migration.

  2. The student's marks should not be below the University's open merit of the particular major. The academic certificates of the student will be examined by the Equivalence Committee. Migration will be allowed by the Registrar’s Office after the recommendation of the Academic Department and Equivalence Committee.

  3. The students admitted on migration basis are not eligible for university hostel.

  4. The students who are studying in 2 years graduation course are not eligible for migration.

  5. At the time of admission, full dues of the Semester are to be paid by the migrating students.

  6. The NOC and character certificate from the respective universities/colleges have to be submitted by the students after approval of the Registrar.

  7. MS/MPhil student must fulfill the minimum admission eligibility criteria laid down by the GC University Lahore & HEC along with above mentioned conditions.

However, his/her admission will be finalized after the evaluation of the courses studied by the student and for credit transfer by the concerned Departmental Academic Committee/Equivalence Committee/Controller of Examinations.


Eligibility Criterion


MA/MSc Programmes


MA/MSc Programmes are being offered in the following subjects to both Male & Female candidates:

Faculty of Science & Technology Botany, Mathematics
Faculty of Arts & Social Science History, Physical Education (Sports Science), Political Science, Psychology, Statistics
Faculty of Languages, Islamic & Oriental Learning ELT (English Language Teaching), English, Urdu




MA/MSc Eligibility Criteria


General Eligibility (For all MA/MSc Programme)

  • The applicant both male/female seeking admission to MA/MSc Must have passed his/her BA/BSc with at least second Division or Equivalent.

  • Admission will be made strictly on merit. The merit shall be determined on the basis of over all marks, test and interviews.

For MA English

  • Candidate must have minimum 45% marks in English

  • Minimum 50% marks in written test to be eligible for interview.

  • Candidate must have passed English Literature or compulsory English Carrying 200 marks.


  • Candidate must have minimum 45% marks in English.

  • Minimum 50% marks in written test to be eligible for interview.

  • Diploma holders in ELT from any other University may also apply for exemption from MA Year-I and get enrolled in MA in ELT, Year-II (Semester III & IV).


For MSc Botany

  • BSc with any combination including Zoology.

  • Chemistry, Geography, Botany from HEC recognized university.


For MSc Statistics

  • Candidates must have minimum 45% marks in statistics.

  • Candidates must have Mathematics of 200 marks at degree level.


For MSc Psychology

  • Candidates must have studies Psychology as an elective subject at Degree Level.

  • Candidates must have minimum 60% marks in Psychology.



  • 2% seats are reserved for special applicants. Such applicants should attach "Disability Certificate" obtained from District Disability Board, with the Admission Form.

  • There is no age limit for special/disabled students.



University Rules & Regulations




  • T-Shirts, jeans and joggers are not allowed for both male and female students.

  • Male students must dress up in dress-pants and shirts.

  • Female students should observe simplicity. They are directed to wear only cotton dresses.

  • Students not dressed up properly can be checked by any proctor within University bounds and will be fined.

  • Students are expected to dress up decently.



  • It is compulsory for every University student to obtain his/her Identity Card from the University Office immediately after his/her admission. Defaulters will be fined.

  • Students are directed to contact Mr. Jaffar Hussain, Assistant Professor (Statistics) in this regard.

  • If an Identity Card is lost, a new Card will be issued for Rs.200/-.

  • A student should always display his/her Identity Card at all times. Any one not in  possession of a Card will be fined Rs. 50/-. Refusal to show the Identity Card can entail a heavy fine, which will not be condoned.

  • Student's Identity Card is the property of the University. It is compulsory for every student to hand over his/her Identity Card to the University Office for record, if s/he is dropped from the University's rolls, or migrates to another College, or at the  termination of the University session.

  • For travelling purposes, another Identity Card can be obtained from the University Office after admission by the students who may need it.

  • No certificate/degree will be issued unless the students have deposited their Identity Cards to the University.



For BA/BSc (Hons.) and MS/MPhil, the minimum attendance percentage in each subject to qualify for semester examination will be 80%.




There is no concept of leave in undergraduate and postgraduate academic programmes. However, students will have to maintain minimum attendance requirement for appearing in final examination.




In case a student leaves the University without the approval of sanctioning/concerned authority and if his/her attendance falls below 50% in a month he/she will be dropped from the University roll and his/her status will be notified and communicated to the parents.




  • A student who wants to leave the University should apply to the Registrar on the prescribed proforma. His/Her application must be countersigned by his/her father/guardian.

  • The University leaving certificate will only be issued to the student whose case is verified and authenticated by all the concerned departments of the University and has deposited the University leaving certificate fee and also there is nothing outstanding against him.

GCU Anti Harassment Committee

Government College University, Lahore is committed in creating and maintaining efficient educational and working environment free from any form of discrimination and harassment. The University Anti Harassment Committee is entrusted with the responsibility to deal with cases of extraordinary personal nature, if any. This Committee takes up all representations on priority basis and ensures effective dispensation of justice, irrespective of status, faith, class or gender of the complainant while maintaining confidentiality of the matter.


Semester system at gcu


Semester is a prescribed period of the academic year during which courses are taught and completed. At GCU there are two semesters in a year and each semester is of 18 weeks duration, including 16 weeks of teaching and 02 weeks of examinations. There will be two types of assessment for each course during a semester, i-e semester work and final Examinations. Semester work will consist of class test/quizes/assignments given by the respective teacher to the students. Final examinations will be conducted at the end of each semester covering the whole prescribed syllabus for each course.

Note: Relative Grading System is used at GCU which allows for screening students according to their performance relative to their peers. The students must abide by the Examination Regulations at GCU Website:




The act of using someone else's original ideas or work, and submitting it in one's own name without acknowledging the source is strictly prohibited. Such a case will be classified as Plagiarised. In case a student is found guilty of Plagiarism in any form, his/her case will be referred to the Dean of the respective discipline by the Chairperson of the concerned Department. If the Dean finds sufficient evidence against the student after due investigation, the student's work shall stand forfeited and the Registrar shall cancel his/her admission under intimation to the Vice Chancellor. No appeal shall be entertained in such cases.


The Director, Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) is the HEC Focal Person Turnitin (Anti Plagiarism Software). MS/MPhil and PhD Thesis are verified by Director QEC for generating "Originality Report". The Director QEC certifies Research Publication submitted by GCU Scholars and Faculty Members.  






Once admitted to the University, every student is given membership of a tutorial group. The in-charge of a tutorial group is a teacher and is called tutor. It is essential for every student to get a “Dossier Form” from the Tutor at the earliest and submit it to the concerned tutor after filling it. Every student should contact his/her tutor in the first available time and inquire about his/her availability for consultation during the free period of the working days. It is compulsory for every student to present all his/her documents i.e. application for concession in fee/fine or application for scholarship and character certificate etc. to the Vice Chancellor through his/her Tutor. The Vice Chancellor will not issue any order on the applications directly submitted to him/her. Tutorial groups have a weekly meeting in which attendance is compulsory. All the tutorial groups are supervised by the Chief Tutor, therefore students are directed to see him with regard to Tutorial System. In case of absence from the tutorial meeting, there is a fine of Rs. 50/- per meeting, which will not be remitted.





To maintain discipline and order in the University, there is a Proctorial Board comprising of Chief Proctor, Secretary Procotrial Board and staff members. Every staff member is a proctor and, therefore, can check any student in the university premises.  Cases of violation of University discipline are reported to the Chief Proctor, who will immediately take appropriate action. Fines imposed by the Chief Proctor or the Proctorial Board shall not be remitted or reduced.


A Proctor shall be ensure that students:

  • display University Identity Card

  • do not wear T-Shirts, Jeans and Joggers

  • must dress up in the University Uniform

  • should not disturb academic atmosphere.

  • do not misuse camera mobile phone or any such device.

Attestation/Issuance of Certificates


Students are advised to contact Deputy Controller of Examinations (Conduct/General) in Controller's Office in connection with the attestation/issuance of the following certificates:

  • Admission Form for Medical Colleges

  • Admission Form for Engineering Universities/Colleges

  • Form for Recruitment in Armed Forces/Police etc.

  • Form for Admission Abroad

  • Expectancy Certificate for Armed Forces/Police etc., for recruitment

  • Character Certificates Issued by the Chairpersons of Departments


No Smoking


Smoking within the University premises is strictly prohibited. Those who violate this rule will be liable to punishment. Any staff member can check a University student within the premises of the University and forward the case to the Chief Proctor for the imposition of fine.




No University student, day scholar or boarder, is allowed to possess arms of any kind, even if he has an arms licence. Those who violate this rule will be punished according to law.




The use of camera mobile phone, SPS any such device is strictly prohibited in classrooms/seminar rooms/libraries/auditorium. Those who violate the rules shall be penalized. These devices will be confiscated by the University.


Important Events


Important Annual Events are usually held in the following month:




Founder's Day

January, 01

Annual Sports


Drama Festival


Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi (SAW)


Pakistan Day

March, 23

All Pakistan Parliamentary Debates

 March - April

Independence Day

August, 14

Allama Iqbal Declamation Contest

November, 12-13

Annual Convocation


Iqbal Day

November, 09

Quaid-e-Azam's Day

December, 25

Annual Play



For Further Information can be obtained from


Phone No. +92-42-111-000-010 Ext: 418-210

Fax No. +92-42-99213341








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